I had to redesign Roberta Plank for both practical and stylised way.  First practica reasons, I had to shorten Roberta's hair, I realised how much it'll get in the way and take up space.  Second. Roberta's feet design, I made them tip-toed, like in Cartoon Network "Powerpuff Girls", for her to look more rounder and it will easier to make her skip around with feet like that.
I just met up with Cassie,  Jack (from year 1) and Nins.  They are still interested in the project, which is still a good sign! 8) Thankfully they all have drawing tablets and programs that will be needed to be used for "Fy Chwaer".  I gave them all different jobs too.  Cassie is animating doing a short sequence of Emileena Plank scooping sugar off a spoon, hopefully done in 2 weeks!  Jack is animating the two sisters fighting over a cake, hopefully done in 3 weeks! And Nins is doing a long background pan of the kitchen.

This is almost the final animatic!  just a few tweaks, like having Emileena in it more!
Here's my final(ish) storyboard