The pass few days I have been working on my Animatic.  I want to see if comic timing if working,
After talking to my tutors about my story, we decided it was best to make Roberta Plank unintentionally annoying and Emileena Plank keeps getting irritated by her little sister.
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I talked about my film idea with Leonie about the new idea of the parents' death.  she found it too morbid for my style.  The story will end the girls fighting over cake instead.
I was talking to my classmate Rob about my film.  After a while we thought about the ending and a deeper reason that the sisters aren't getting along!

There will hints on a certain date coming up in the story, which will reveal that it the anniversary of the death of their parents.  I want the film to be mainly slap-stick humour until the climax, when Emileena tidies her side of the room and about to throw away Roberta's drawing.  They fight over it, and the picture starts to tear, Roberta lets go (like Judgment Of Solomon) and run back to her room.  Curious why Roberta acted like that, Emileena looks at the picture, which is revealed to Emileena, but not the audience, she looks very sad and lonely.  The audience forcus goes the calendar, to the highlighted box.
I have been looking at UPA animation and Dexter's Laboratory for inspiration for my characters.

First look at Roberta Character page:

And here's Emileena's character sheet 

Here's some pictures of Emileena and Roberta together, I had real fun doing these pictures:
Funnily enough, MLP just did a nice episode about sisters!
I think putting Emileena scaring Roberta into the story is too distracting to the point!
My big sister did a mean trick to me.  One night she pretended that the creepy kangaroo toy and the goblin king wanted to take me away and eat me!  This picture depict what I remember!
I decide to take to the stroke element out of the story, since people felt confused.  And the story of the sisters is the story I want to keep the most!  

Now its about two sister that don't spend enough time with each other, and only forced to share a bedroom together.  And their differences and falling out commences.  Eventually they got their own room back, and realised how lonely they were.

I feel like I can have more fun with this story, and put my own personal experiences into it.

Hopefully this will be my final draft of my story.