I am still having difficulties in finding what Emileena Plank could do...

So I thought of an angle of Emileena wants something (like a picture) and Roberta needs something.  This would be nice to show the motivation of these characters, showing that there sister's want/need is more important than their own!  I think that was the problem that I had with the idea, the lack of motivation for Emileena!

So I need to find what Roberta would need.  At first I thought it could be her glasses, but then I thought how can Emileena be academical by doing this, and how would this follow up with a fight?
Ummmmm.... Having Emileena doing something academical for her little sister is somewhat a lot harder than I thought!  Its not just about find what she can do, but I will have to change the story completely again!

I have been asking my friends for suggestions, since I am stump for ideas, but I have problems with them, like making battle ships and other sciencey stuff which made Emileena creative another one was Emileena doing Roberta's homework, which was quite nice and like my very very very original idea, but I do not feel like Emileena would "do" her homework, Emileena would want her to learn!
Boy, today was a long day.... Considering that I am at the bottom of the alphabet and last to present my animatic.  I swear that my sugar levels when so high because I was being nervous for about 6 hours!

With my presentation, I think it went well, although it might be due to the fact everyone was half-asleep by the time I did mine and just wanted to go home!   My tutors seemed to be happy with the art style and the story, the only changes they would want to see is Emileena doing something more academical than baking a cake!
This is the production bible I am going to hand in for Monday.  It has been strangle fun organising it all and see how much I have done!
Finally I got the near to final draft of the animatic done!  Also, I learnt a lot of Adobe After Effects by doing this!
Here's what Roberta's hair look like!
Here's the final designs of the Plank sisters on a  characters character sheet.  I'm surprised how Emileena is almost perfectly 6 heads tall!
I think to this will be my final design of the Plank sisters, minus Roberta's hair!
I looking at the colour designs.  I am still unsure which to go for.  So I put it on Facebook to see what people think.
  • Emily Roberts I like the last two a lot, particularly the one without lines :)
  • Benwyn Windsor-Grovington I like 2 & 4, I worry without lines it fades into this colour background but it looks good without them on another colour... this is a porly constructed sentence
  • Osamah Ahmed Al-Rasbi I like last one as well, I think it wins the vote. Are you doing this in flash? this looks like flash production !
  • Sinead Sin Oram I agree with Ben though 2 seems boldest I like 4 the most visually. Is Roberta's hair going to be grey?
  • Robert Morgan I would brightern her hair and 4 is my fav.
  • Jason Wilks i like both 2 and 4.... it depends which kind of backgrounds youre pairing them with. if they'll be plain and clean like above i would say go for 2, but if you are going for backgrounds similar to the design work on your blog then 4 works best.
  • Gemma 'Gem-gem' Roberts The fourth is the best so far, the coloured lines make it look less like Dexter's Lab! :P (and coloured lines are awesome) the only thing I don't like is the green on Roberta, it doesn't go very well with the blues/purples. Personally I would change it to a dark teal, purple or orange. And I think Roberta's hair should be a brighter purple and less grey!

    I can see what you're doing with the first one, but the green again is clashing. Maybe if the yellow was lighter too? The one with no lines is cool but the tones are far too similar to the background yellow to be a clear silhouette.

    I think 1 and 4 are the best ones to suit your style, (just change the green on both) and I'd also like to see some colour variations on the 1st example with different backgrounds etc? I think it could be really exciting to bring back that style but you'll need to show lots of examples! Otherwise go for 4. :)
  • Sophie Lewis i like 2 and 4, maybe 4 slightly more but i prefer it without the transparency on the glasses if that makes sense?
  • Jessica Kate Leslau I RUV THEM. Don't like Roberta's yellow sleeves - she looks like she's got hairy arms lol! Other than that - I like the last two on the right the best. Amelina looks great with the brown outline or with no outline. I prefer Roberta with the coloured lines but her features are somewhate lost on the one of her with no lines.