Left: Emileena Plank (Academical)
Right: Roberta Plank (Artistic)
In uni we were given the task to sketch a picture to would explain your film.  I chose to draw the 2 sisters and use the background to reflect their personalities.  At this point I realised I can add more detail into the animation Emileena animation will be keyed and she's has a full set of fingers, and Roberta animation will be animated frame by frame and she only have 3 set of fingers (like many other cartoons).

Later on the day, we parred off by some one, I was parred with one of my friends, Robert Morgan.  We had to talk about our film ideas to the person we were parred off to, and vice-verse.  And later we had to present our partner's idea to the class using their poster.

I left it on the wall in the studio so 1st and 2nd years would grow in interest in my film, and hopefully help me!

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