Someone close to me had a stroke, so I asked him these questions:

1. What caused it?

It is not possible to say. Strokes can happen to anyone even babies, young children, and teenagers. Strokes are the result of brain haemorrhages and blood clot, either way they starve of oxygen an area of the brain killing brain cells. Looking after health greatly lessens the chance of stroke.

2. What you felt during a stroke? 

When it started I just felt suddenly weak and sick. I felt a bit like that the rest of the day. I don’t know how long the stroke was active but I think it was taking effect through the night. The next morning I felt quite drunk I suppose. I still felt weak and my balance was poor, I was staggering about a bit. I guess by then the stroke had done what it was going to do.

3. How you felt after realising you had a stroke? 

I denied it was a stroke. It was confirmed four weeks later. I felt shocked, afraid, and sad when I was told I’d had a stroke.

4. What treatment you had? I was given tablets; to reduce cholesterol, lower my blood pressure, and stop my blood clotting.
 5. How you are feeling now? Okay at the moment thanks. Mostly I just get on with things as best I can. I miss some things I can’t do now but I am lucky I have so much and have not lost as much many people who have a stroke lose.

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